"Unshakable faith is only that which can face reason in all human epochs."

Allan Kardec

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Are you Interested in learning more about the Spiritism and the works of Allan Kardec? Our affiliated Spiritist Centers a large variety of services including: Allan Kardec study groups, fraternal assistance, children and youth classes, weekly lectures featuring guest speakers, etc. All services are offered free of charge. For information on schedules and location, visit the websites.


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  • Allan Kardec Spiritist Center (A Caminho da Luz)                 Danbury                                             www.akscdanbury.org

  • SER – Spiritist Society of Bridgeport                                      Bridgeport                                         www.ser-usa.org


  • Spiritist Group Path of Light  (Caminho da Luz)                     Long Branch                                     www.caminhodaluznj.org


  • Spiritist Center Divine Light   (Luz Divina)                              Newark                                             www.scdivinelight.org


  • Spiritist Group Love & Light  (Amor e Luz)                             Newark                                             www.loveandlightnj.org 


  • Saint Joseph Spiritual Church                                                Jersey City (Spanish only)               341 Palisade Ave. Jersey City



  • Allan Kardec Spiritist Center (Ponto de Luz)                         Woodside (Portuguese only)            www.akscenter.com


  • IESS – Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society                         New York City                                  www.innerenlightenment.com

  • Long Island Spiritist Doctrine Study Group                            Long Island                                      www.lispiritistdoctrine.net


  • Mount Vernon Spiritist Center                                                Mount Vernon                                  www.mvscenter.org


  • SGNY – Spiritist Group of New York                                      New York City                                  www.sgny.org



In order for a Spiritist center, group or society to become member of the Tristate Spiritist Federation it shall follow the principles and practices established by the Spiritist Doctrine according to the works of Allan Kardec and be accepted into the Federation by two thirds of the votes of the Board of Directors.​