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The TriState Spiritist Federation is a non-profit organization compromised by unifying the Spiritist institutions in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), promoting charitable and humanitarian actions, according to the Christian Spiritist principles.



"The Spiritist Movement aims to promote and to conduct: the study, dissemination, and practice of Spiritism, putting it within reach and service of all human beings, thus fulfilling its mission: "to educate and enlighten people, opening a new era for the regeneration of humankind."



Armando Velez - Saint Joseph Spiritual Church Inc.

Daniel Castelani - IESS - Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society

Dulcinete Sampaio Story - Long Island Spiritist Doctrine Study Group

Julio Carvalho - Spiritist Center Divine Light (Luz Divina)


Jussara Korngold - SGNY - Spiritist Group of New York

Marcelo Cabral - SER - Spiritist Society of Bridgeport 

Marcio Lasaro - AKSC - Allan Kardec Spiritist Center of Danbury (A Caminho da Luz) 


Norma Guimaraes Hoppe - AKSC - Allan Kardec Spiritist Center (Ponto de Luz)

Peter Hays -  Spiritist Group Love & Light (Amor e Luz)

Themis Tavares - Spiritist Group Path of Light 

Volnei Pereira - 
Mount Vernon Spiritist Center


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