Main Principles of Spiritism

  • God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things. God is eternal, immutable, immaterial, unique, omnipotent, supremely just and good.

  • The Universe is God’s creation. It encompasses all rational and non rational beings, animate and inanimate, material and immaterial.

  • In addition to the corporeal world inhabited by incarnate Spirits, which are human beings, there exists the spiritual world, inhabited by discarnate spirits.

  • The are other inhabited worlds in the Universe, with beings at different degrees of evolution; some less, some equal and others more evolved than human beings on Earth.

History of Spiritism

The text below was written by Allan Kardec in the 1860s, giving his personal explanation of the circumstances that led him to write the Spiritist codification:

By the year 1848, several strange phenomena were gaining notoriety in the United States, consisting in noises, raps and movement of objects with no apparent cause. They would happen spontaneously, several times, with a characteristic intensity and frequency.  However, it soon became clear that these phenomena could also occur through the presence of certain people whom were known as ”mediums”.  These people could provoke the phenomena at will, making experiments possible. Such experiments were made using tables, not because these objects are more favorable than others, but because they were more convenient, movable, and because it was easier to sit around them than any other furniture. In this way the rotation of tables was achieved, and subsequently, movements in all directions: jumps, turns, fluctuations, violent strokes etc. These phenomena were originally called ‘table dancing’ or ‘table turning’.



What is a Medium?


A medium is anyone who possess the ability to perceive the spirit world in any way. Since such awareness is found in everyone, Spiritism teaches that ‘we are all mediums’. Now, for the sake of clarity, when Spiritism talks about mediumship it refers to the person who’s awareness of the Spirit world has reached a level in which the person is conscious of the phenomena and in which direct, controlled spirit communication is at least a possibility. In all mediumship phenomena the medium is just the messenger for the communication and not the author.

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Where do We Come From? Why Are We Here? What's Our Destiny?


The videos below present the answers to these questions according to Spiritism.

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