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First Mediumship Forum of the Tri-State - February 25, 2018

The TriState Spiritist Federation is proud to host its First Mediumship Forum on February 25th in Newark, NJ. The forum will bring volunteers of spiritist centers together to discuss and share information on the importance of serious, well structured mediumistic meetings.

According to Spiritism, by the spirit Emmanuel in the book Emmanuel: "Mediums are not missionaries as per the definition of the word. Mediums are failed souls, who severely broke the flow of the divine laws in their past lives, who come back to repair the dark past facing serious commitments with unlimited responsibilities".

Based on the importance to qualify the participants of mediumistic meetings, the TriState Spiritist Federation is hosting the first annual forum covering the following topics:

1. The importance of the mediumistic meetings in the spiritist center

2. The structure of a mediumistic meeting

3. Requirements to participate in mediumistic meetings

4. Dangers and precautions for a successful mediumistic meeting

The forum will be held in Portuguese and is open to everyone. No simultaneous translation will be available.

The Divine Light Spiritist Center is located at 119-137 Clifford Street in Newark, NJ. The event starts at 10:00 am. Lunch will be served at 1:30 and the event ends at 3:30pm.

The event is free. A $15 donation is suggested to cover the food expenses.

Registration is required. To register, click here.

Email us at if you experience difficulties to register.

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